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China’s Great Wall limits number of daily visitors

2019/7/25 10:30:58
The Badaling section of the Great Wall in Beijing will limit the number of visitors to 65,000 a day from June 1, according to a report from the Beijing Youth Daily.
Apart from the limit, authorities will also impose a registration system for ticket purchases starting next month, which aims to encourage visitors to book in advance online. Tourists can book tickets seven days in advance through
The Badaling section of the Great Wall – the wall’s most popular section – is located in Yanqing County, 60km north-west of Beijing. Last year, the section received more than 9.9 million visitors, and authorities fear that should crowd numbers not be controlled, the structure may suffer damage.
The Badaling Great Wall has also currently set up a three-tier warning system for visitors. The yellow warning will be issued when the number of visitors reaches 39,000, orange warning for 52,000 and red warning for 65,000.
Aside from the Badaling Great Wall, the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China have imposed daily limits, at 80,000 and 30,000 respectively.

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